Vietnam Plywood

We are manufacturing and supplying Vietnam Plywood with good quality, nice plywood.

The main products are packing plywood, Cheap plywood, Packing Plywood export, Plywood for sale, Film Faced Plywood…

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Plywood is a panel consists of some plies of veneers. The veneers are peeled from wood logs, like hardwood, birch, poplar, bintangor, okume, styrax, pine, etc.These wood veneers finally will be bonded together with adhesive under high pressure and high temperature (110℃ to 140℃).

Plywood Applications:

Packing materials

Concrete panel

Flooring base for making floors



Vehicle Decorating


Flooring underlayment

Container floors

Photos of Packing Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, Commercial Plywood

Packing Plywood – BC Grade


Vietnam packing plywood
Packing Plywood – AB Grade
Vietnam Film Faced Plywood
Film Faced Plywood – A Grade
Vietnam commercial plywood
Vietnam commercial plywood


Vietnam Plywood