Our factory has 2 main packing plywood products. It’s also the main products of cheap packing plywood in Vietnam: AB and BC grade.

There are a vast range of different types of packing plywood available, all of which have been produced to meet different types of requirements. In this article, we will show how to classify them in the most simple way.

1. AB grade packing plywood:

AB grade is also called AA/BB grade, whereby, face veneers practically free from all defects. The back with only a few small knots or discolorations.

For A grade, its color can be red or white (red face is often made from Bintangor, Okoume etc… meanwhile white face is made from Birch, mixed hardwood, poplar etc…

For B grade, we usually use styrex, acacia, eucalyptus.


vietnam-packing-plywood-ab-grade-8mm-thick side

2. BC grade packing plywood:

Same as AB grade, BC grade is also called BB/CC grade. It permits jointed veneers, large knots on both sides which made from styrex, acacia, eucalyptus.

That’s the main products, besides that, we can provide AA grade – both sides have the same good quality, BB grade, so on.

To identify a good packing plywood sheet, it’s not only the appearance but also the structure inside each sheet. It depends on the quality of glue that the producer uses. We’re always proud of our packing plywood quality, especially, it can easily to identify the good structure with the plywood that thickness is from 18 to 28mm.

Today, we know that it’s not difficult to find the packing plywood supplier in Vietnam so H&G always try our best to improve our quality and service. It’s not so true to find a new customer but the good reputation will keep customers collaborating with us for a long time. That’s the key to sustainable development of H&G.


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