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H&perusahaan G, yang didirikan di 2008, adalah salah satu pemasok utama kayu lapis di utara Vietnam. We now have cutting-edge production lines that abide by all applicable technical and environmental regulations. Tentang 2,000 cubes are produced each month.

For the past ten years, we have recognized that a company’s success and long-term viability depend on its ability to satisfy its customers. Karena itu, we constantly make an effort to produce plywood that is both of high quality and at a reasonable price so that we can exceed our customersexpectations. We rigorously adhere to the production procedure to achieve that. We use extreme caution when choosing raw materials and evaluating the quality of plywood products. Additionally, we constantly highlight the need for highly capable employees who take great responsibility at work.

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We are presently among the largest plywood exporters, mainly to the Asian market, as a result of our tireless efforts.

Our facility is conveniently located near the highway and airport on the outskirts of Hanoi, about 12 kilometers from the city’s center. It is very convenient for transportation activities.

Welcome to our factory, and we hope to soon expand business operations for the long term.

Please contact us for additional details about our products and the most recent prices.

Ada apa: +84 9656 09 153

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