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Welcome to the official website of H&G Vietnam Plywood. H&G company, which was established in 2008, is one of the major suppliers of plywood in the north of Vietnam. We now have cutting-edge production lines that abide by all applicable

Main products

Main products

Our factory specializes in producing two primary types of packing plywood, the main products of affordable packing plywood in Vietnam: AB and BC grade. There is a vast range of packing plywood available, all of which have been produced to


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Vietnam Packing Plywood Contact H&G IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED Hotline : +84 0373 149 315 WhatsApp: +84 9656 09 153 Skype: nguyenhong123456 Email: hgplywood@gmail.com

Our work

The work of the workers at H & G is hard but not so we forget our responsibilities and mission. We always endeavor every day to make quality products. Because we know customers are trusting in us

Main products
Plywood Manufacturing Process